The Curse of Halag is a sequence of adventures set in the Kingdom of Karameikos, within a modified Mystara setting.

An unnamed person loyal to the “Barony” of Halag formed and finances the party, to find a way to end the curse on Halag, a small city on the western border of the nation. The city fell to the machinations of an evil wizard (Bargle &/or Stalnar) and the populace is now a raging army of near-mindless psychopaths. The only thing keeping them at bay is their fear of water. When the curse broke out, the Wizards and Clergy of the nation quickly used powerful magic to surround the city with a massive channel of water – possibly the largest moat in existance.

Uncurable thusfar, the curse is terrible. Those infected act more like undead ghouls than people, even crazy people. Worse is the fact that any attempt to cure one infects the would be savior. Their curse is apparently transmittable simply through touch. (thinking in movie terms: the crazies meet 28 days later)

The Heroes are tasked with figuring out the Curse and anything/everything about Bargle and Stalnar that they can. The current quest is to find the kidnapped boy Sercen, the child of Stalnar and Khassadrin (Bagfoot), who is believed to hold the key to curing Halagian Maddness.

The Curse of Halag

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