A Dwarven explorer of delves and crypts, his curiosity is only matched by his eccentricity.


Folgern is a consumate explorer. He is only really at home while up to his arse in grave-dirt and history. Few people seem to appreciate the fact that he rescues artifacts and beautiful art from crypts and dragons alike so that they can be properly admired and/or utilized by the living. His clan fervently believed in being buried, wearing only a burial shroud. Placing wealth with or on a rotting carcass is simply foolish, no?

Aside from that, his gruff attitude and lack of social graces have made him well known across the region. His dog, OrkFace, was an unexpected prize won by killing an orc whom the dog had been a pet to. Since this unlikely union, Folgern began referencing people and things like his father did…as the asses of certain things. Most people don’t understand that Folgern is not attempting to be disrespectful when he claims a merchant is being a dog’s ass. He likes dog’s so to him thats a term of endearment. Calling someone an orc’s ass is something alltogether different…



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