Ambitious Necromancer


An exile from the Principalities of Glantri, he fled to Karameikos with his long time friend Tunturi the illusionist and enrolled in the school of Magecraft in Krakatos. Though he kept his dark talents in check at the insistance of his adventuring parties moral compass, Stalnar eventually broke loose and went freelance, studying under unknown masters until he made a home for himself in the Blight Swamp near the Barony of Halag.

In Halag he was known and feared by the general public, though his assistance to Knight-Baron Sorim was well known and the towns survival is attributed in no small part to his magical assistance through all 3 civil wars fought there against the Black Eagle Knights.

Ultimately, Stalnar was involved in a conspiracy and presumably vanquished. He sided with a force from the Church of Karameikos to end the scourge of undeath and rout the cult of Orcus who resided nearby in a ruins. Who turned on who is not clear and finger pointing between the Church and the School of Magecraft persists to this day, but in the end, a bloodied Stalnar left the no-longer inhabited ruins, teamed up with some of the countries most feared villains and relaid the curse from the ruins on the populace of Halag. The apparent goal was to make a powerful army to march east & wreck the Capital. Fortunately the plan was halted. The School & the Church united and led a campaign with Stalnar’s former companions at the lead, and pushed the crazied populace back into Halag and destroyed the bridges, sealing the Barony off like an island. The crazied people of Halag, to the relief of the King’s Force, will not cross water if they can percieve it.

The battle concluded in Fort Halag, now re-nicknamed Fort Doom. Stalnar was defeated and obliterated, and by otherworldly graces, the Fort is now a safe haven from the still cursed populace. The only travel into Halag is via magic and flight.


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